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Battle Academy 2 – Multiplayer Campaign League

Join the fight on the Eastern Front as Operation Barbarossa begins!

Now recruiting for commanders to play in a Battle Academy 2 Eastern Front Skirmish League. This multiplayer campaign utilizes custom Army Lists that cover Infantry, Armored and Specialty Divisions that players use to fight their way to victory.

Join as either the Axis and fight your way to Moscow in this opening operation. Or defend the Motherland and hurl back the invader.

The more the merrier. All skill levels welcome as this is a ‘for fun’ league.

Check out the thread over at Slitherine

BA2 Kursk

B44 Ost War

It is well that war is so terrible, otherwise we should become too fond of it.
– Robert E. Lee

We are fortunate that today we cannot even imagine the ‘terrible’ wars. But we can be fond of it in it’s virtuosity, another fortunate outcome of such a tragedy.

In remembrance of those who allow our fortunate lives to be by giving theirs.

Lest We Forget.

Battle Academy 2 Multiplayer – B44 Ost War

Brummbar is Back!

Brummbar 44

Hard to believe it’s been a year since I last posted. What can I say? It was a low gaming year. Memoir ’44 and Tide of Iron have both been collecting dust on the shelves. The gaming table has been occupied by Star Wars X-Wing (still working on not colliding with asteroids!) and to tickle my fantasies, Descent: Journey’s in the Dark.

Of course, I’m still a wargamer at heart.

Battle Academy 2 has been filling that niche rather nicely. At first, it was really all about playing through all of the single player campaigns. I love the improvements that Slitherine has made over the original Battle Academy. Things I was really wanting in the original have now been added. Trenches (where were these when I wanted to do a Great War version!), wire, mines and more! Most importantly however is my recent experiences with the new Scenario Editor.

I was familiar with the original Battle Academy editor, but was frustrated with the scripting required once everything was set. BA2 has automated almost all of that now. The Editor is so much easier to use but still has it’s quirks. For example, I kept getting ‘Overtime’ in my testplays no matter if the objectives were achieved or not. I soon figured out that the wording on the editor (or perhaps how it’s laid out) is a little deceptive. Word to the wise, check both boxes for allowing the victory plugin to grant Side 0 and Side 1 victory.

While tinkering in the Editor, I found myself at a loss for a battle to set up. I’m familiar mostly with the Western Front and found the prospects of learning specific East Front battles a little daunting. This is where my wargamer experience kicked in. Down in the game vault I pulled out my original copy of PanzerBlitz (from 1980!). I was delighted with the idea of converting the PanzerBlitz situations into BA2 battles! So I immediately set about making the first 4 as multiplayer games.

It wasn’t long that I found the powers of the new Scenario Editor and decided to also make some Single Player campaigns. The default being the Soviets as Side 0. The Editor even offers a decent built in ‘Achievements’ plugin. So here was a game that I could make for myself and share with others. After a little figuring out, I was able to convert the same scenarios with the Germans as Side 0 and was able to play from that perspective as well! The fun is just beginning!

If you are a wargame fan and haven’t played Battle Academy, I highly recommend it! If you do play BA2, then I hope you enjoy the Single Player campaigns – Note; you need to copy the links below and open your BA2 game -> Campaigns -> Download Community Scenarios (folder icon) -> Download a Campaign Package from the Internet (toolbox icon, top right) -> paste the URL in using the + icon.

BA2 meets PanzerBlitz: Situations 1-4, the Russian Experience

BA2 meets PanzerBlitz: Situations 1-4, the German Experience

You can find all of the links in raw as well as the Multiplayer version on the Slitherine site. I’ll be working toward improving the MP scenarios and am already underway on Situations 5-8.

Hope to see you on the field!

Battle of the Bulge

It’s December and to wargamers that means only one thing, Battle of the Bulge time!

I pulled out one of my favorites, Axis & Allies Battle of the Bulge.  Which got me thinking…why not play out the battles that occur using a combat system other than random dice.  Battle Academy was the perfect fit.  So I set up a play as you go campaign demo where I play both sides of the A&A-BB game until the point where a battle occurs.  At that time, I translate the A&A-BB figures to BA units and make a battle based on the hex terrain…then it’s a free for all in the Battle Academy community.  Players play other players then post the results.  Then one of those results is randomly determined to be the result on the board….and the game continues!  You can read more about it on the Battle Academy forums here.

For Vassal players, I did a bit of a upgrade to the existing A&A-Battle of the Bulge mod…though, it could still use some fixtures (a side board would be good etc…) but it does get the job done.  In fact, I’m using it to play out the campaign mentioned above.

While we’re on the subject, an iPad app that features Battle of the Bulge has also recently come to my attention.  Looks very interesting, too bad I don’t have an iPad 🙁  Maybe Santa will drop one on me?

Season’s Greetings to all and to all a good night!

Happy Gaming and All the Best in the New Year!


Battle Academy

I’m a Battle Academy junky…I’ll admit it.  When I found the Mac wargame demo I instantly fell in love…it was everything (or close enough) to what I wanted in a wargame.  I played through all of the campaigns (and there are a lot!). Then when those were done, went hunting for player made stuff (really good quality for the most part) and enjoyed those too. I had intended to get into some scenario creation myself but there was just so much to play…and then I got into their multiplayer!

Slitherine has set up an excellent PBEM multiplayer server that is well supported.  There is no additional cost to multiplayer games, they are included in the purchase price (Days of Wonder take note). So I played folks from all around the world and found myself often anticipating the next turn with relish.  The game is addictive but not frustratingly so (again, Memoir ’44 Online take note).  In fact, this game provides the best combat simulation in a game that I think I’ve ever played!

While we’re on the topic of Battle Academy, Slitherine has just announced it’s plans for BA2.  Sounds like awesome is going to get even better.  East front here we come!

If you don’t know Battle Academy…see it for yourself, download the Battle Academy demo and you will not be disappointed…hope to see you on the field!

Desert Fight!

Feel like taking on the bear? I’ve set up three Desert Encounter matches on Battle Academy. Login to the multiplayer screen and look for the private matches section. There you’ll see my matches. When you select one of them, use the password – brum44 (just one m…all lower case)

I look forward to the fight!