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Warriors Weekend

Well…it’s been awhile but the Tide of Iron bug bit again and none too soon. I’ve signed up for Warriors Weekend here in Victoria BC this Sunday.  

I’ll be demonstrating one, if not two new Tide of Iron scenarios. Both involve the Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary’s) and the 12th SS Panzer Division (Hitlerjugend).  The first is introductory friendly but I think even veteran players would enjoy.  

Tide of Iron scenario - Assault on Putot ← Here is a sneak peak

UPDATE – The Assault on Putot scenario is now available in the Battles section


You can also find me now on Facebook (funny, I pick the time when everyone is running away) @brummbar44

You might find something rather interesting there right now as well in fact.







Tide of Iron scenario – Worthington Force

Worthington Force scenario

A new scenario for Tide of Iron, Worthington Force pits the wits of the Canadians who found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time against an alarmed German force who moved quickly to destroy the force now in their midst.

Worthington Force can be played with the standard Tide of Iron game.

Edit: Amended version is now available (Thanks RayGuns and dutchy124 from BGG!)

Back in Action

I couldn’t let a D-Day go by without sharing a battle with my friends.

Tide of Iron scenario – Bridgehead Bretteville depicts the night attack on June 8th by the panthers of the 12th SS (with little infantry support) against the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division.

The scenario was intended for a Normandy campaign publication that just never came to fruition (sadly). Maybe if enough of you out there want it…we can make it happen?

Included is a stat card for the 6 pdr. gun and Panther that will be required for play. Enjoy.