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Tide of Iron cardsUpdate – Apr. 2011 : StuG III card now available.
While I’ve been busy on a number of projects lately (Dire Heroes for Vassal, a Dire Heroes battles book, some scenarios for..well, you get the idea) I thought I would post an idea I had about the various vehicles that are available in Tide of Iron.  I always felt that the manner in which they are presented on the player aid that comes with the game could stand out better.  Here I show a wheel/gear for movement (first number) a shield to show armour, range and damage vs. infantry and range and damage vs. armour.  This way, players can easily see the stat they are looking for at a glance.

The cards are double sided with a bit of historical information on the back along with an optional rule that players can decide to play with or without (if both agree…all optional rules are in effect).

Get the sample cards here – Commonwealth Units (2871 downloads)

While these example cards are for units already in existence, the idea here is to add cards that don’t currently have official rules. I’ve kept these cards printer ink friendly.

10 thoughts on “Tide of Iron – Unit Cards

  1. Scragnoth

    great project, Malcolm.
    They look really cool and while the idea is so simple it is hard to understand they are not in the standard box of FFG

    Looking forward to the complete set.

  2. VanCamper

    Thank you for showing us the cards in the Tide of Iron Forum. I was especially interested in what models you are using and if you have the time and could post some in the TOI forum, that might help to get FFG to notice how many people are interested in WW2 tactical games in minature form.

    I have been thinking of starting my own collection of 144th scale models, as they are nicely detailed, but am currently trying to paint my set of TOI models, (but it is difficult to get the right color and camoflage painting by hand)

  3. Brummbär Post author

    Thanks for the interest. The figures I use are either Perrin 10mm or Pendraken 10mm. Both are excellent quality. Pendraken has a wider range but is located in the UK (shipping to NA is a little expensive, but not prohibitive). I’m looking to do a range of cards. I hope the interest is there!

  4. charlescab

    Great idea! This is much better than using the charts that come with the game. Much friendlier!

  5. Nigel

    This is a great idea. Instead of a large sheet with every unit, we can just use those that are in the scenario. It’ll save table space & time flipping sheets of paper.


  6. Nigel brown

    I work a bit in France and I always take tide of iron with me. The cards look great. How many have you done in total. Are they free if not how much to buy. Cheers nige

  7. Brummbär Post author

    Sorry Nigel, with the tossing and turning of licensing, I never did get a chance to get these off the ground proper…so unfortunately they are not available. Thanks for the interest.

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