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Tide of Iron - Days of the Fox scenario

Free French at Bir Hakeim

This Scenario, by the late Bill S Jaffe, features the Italian initial effort, with German air support to take the Free-French dug-in position at the battle of Gazala

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Divisions: 1st Free French Brigade Ariete Division

Dire Heroes - WWI Game Rules

Dire Heroes is a game rules booklet authored and produced here at Brummbar '44. Set in the Great War, this ruleset requires a base Memoir '44 game for physical play, or you can now play online

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- June 19, 2019

As some of you may be aware, Bill S Jaffe recently passed away (at the young age of 50). Although I never knew Bill personally I had had a few dealings with him when it came to Tide of Iron. Bill was a great supporter of the game and was very supportive to me in

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